ORTMANNS Screen Printing

Printing on plastics requires special techniques. An industrially strongly developed variant of the printing is screen printing. The term “screen printing” is used because a fine fabric of silk, metal or plastic is used for the printing plate, the mesh of which is closed at the non-printing areas.

ORTMANNS specializes in the production of self-adhesive products in screen printing.

Manufacturing process

The production is predominantly on flatform and rotary printing machines.

Printing materials:

  • foil
  • rubber
  • foams
  • textiles

Products within the Automotive division include:

  • Sealing foils self-adhesive
  • Foam parts for damping and absorbing noise and vibrations

ORTMANNS offers you self-adhesive products of all sizes, thicknesses and materials. Decide for yourself whether the films should be one-sided or double-sided.

The delivery is made according to your request on rolls, in loose formats or as individual parts. Just as it is best for you!

ORTMANNS Plastics processing

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