Individual designed sheet protectors

Sheet protectors are suitable for many purposes, whether documents should be stored or sent. Individual sheets, certificates, invoices, delivery notes and contracts are reliably protected against dirt or splash water. Documents that have been stored in sheet protectors for a long period of time appear as freshly printed. Unpleasant spots and kinked corners are a thing of the past. Sheet protectors are also referred to as visual, file or document covers.

Sort, collect and organize your documents and documents. No annoying confusion and looking at the desk or in the closet. Particularly in project management, the use of A4 sheet protectors has been successfully demonstrated. All correspondence in addition to necessary documents can be bundled easily and quickly in one envelope.

Have sheet protectors printed

To ensure that your cases are still of high-quality appearance, we offer you printed transparent covers completely according to your ideas. Whether printed with your logo, design or your advertising, you get your individual cover with us!
We can realize many different formats from A6 to A3, but also sizes outside the norms. We also have no problems with the processing and printing of different foils, as we work with various printing and embossing processes.

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