Let’s REGISTER it all!

The index register must allow the user to access all content quickly. This is achieved by a corresponding design of the tabs, whereby printing makes the orientation even easier.

In addition, it should fit perfectly into the rest of the folder. A whole range of options leave nothing to be desired. Reach back to tried-and-tested standard designs or tailor it individually.

Inquiry Register

Standard Register

Although we offer you complete individuality, you will of course also receive standard registers.


You can choose between different materials freely.


The all-rounder under the films is still today a frequently used material for the production of registers. Particular advantages are the longevity, the very good printability both in screen printing and in offset printing and the practically unlimited design possibilities.
Common strengths are: 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm.


A polypropylene office sheet, suitable for short and medium term applications. For quality reasons, the printing is only possible in one color as text print. As a rule, this low-cost material is used in the thicknesses of 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm.


Has had a big comeback in the last years. We offer white offset cards with a thickness of 170 g / m², 190 g / m² and 250 g / m² as well as a white photo-printing box in 250 g / m², glossy and matt and 300 g / m² in matt. The printing can be carried out in screen printing and, of course, in offset printing.


Prints can be refined with special printing varnish and ensure more durability.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the ideal medium for printing on film, but also on cardboard it is possible to achieve interesting results due to the higher color application.


Offset printing offers the greatest possible freedom of design, especially for cardboard. Almost everything is possible.
The register is particularly attractive in offset printing with a final refinement, which also significantly increases the durability.


You can have your tabs produced in almost every possible variation.



Just send us your inquiry, we will take care of your order and provide you with your own personal register.

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