Folding packs

Folding packs are in principle blisters like visible packaging, which however are not welded or stapled, but – as the name implies – can be opened.

The closed envelope of the folding packaging protects the packaged products completely and extends their shelf life, so they can also be used for long-term presentation or storage.

The back cover of this transparent cover is your product and can not only be printed, but can also be punched, provided with a Euro perforation or with a refinement.
Many shapes are possible, customized to your product. The high visibility of your product is always guaranteed.

In the thermoforming process, a plastic plate conforms to the corresponding tool and forms the contour of the tool. Through a subsequent cooling process, the plastic retains the necessary stability. This technology makes use of the power of the vacuum. This process for the shaping of thermoplastics has previously been referred to as vacuum forming, thermoforming, deep drawing or vacuum drawing. The last step is then the punching out of the form.

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