Masking Plugs

For example, paintworks are always covered or masked in the automotive sector so that they do not come into contact with lacquer. With the help of our thermoforming systems and our years of know-how, we are your specialist for individual and tailor-made masking plugs.

Masking plugs in the automotive sector are often used for temporarily covering various parts in and on the vehicle. If, for example, a lacquer is applied, certain parts need masking in order not to come into contact with minute particles or other things during a working step. Thus, the masking plugs provide protection and a precise recess for important parts in the motor vehicle.

Masking plugs are made of plastic, because this is efficient, light and economical.

• PS
• PP
• PC
• etc.

In our thermoforming process, a heated plastic plate is attached to the tool and forms the contour of the tool. Through a subsequent cooling process, the plastic retains the necessary stability. This technology makes use of the power of the vacuum. This process for the shaping of thermoplastics has previously been referred to as vacuum forming, thermoforming, deep drawing or vacuum drawing. The last step is the punching out of the mold.

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