ORTMANNS Milling technology

In general, milling is used for the machining of metals, wood or plastics by means of milling tools. In the milling process, we rely on our highly developed 5-axis portal machines.

CNC milling, in which up to 5-axis machines are programmed via machine control, allows 3D milling with practically unlimited possibilities. With its 5 axes, the machine can position the milling cutter at any angle on the work piece and work out step by step extremely complex 3D contours.
In addition, we can convert our milling techniques so that certain areas on the material are glued, all computer-controlled and correspondingly precise. We use this technique for various self-adhesive products.

We use the following materials when milling:

  • plastic
  • aluminium
  • wood
  • foams
  • adhesive

ORTMANNS Plastics processing

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