Packaging technology

A short moment decides. Tasteful design and accurate processing! A material that feels good and looks great! Our packaging technology creates a lot. Whether blisters, folding packs or trays, no problem for us! They can make a small but very important contribution to the success of their sales.

Years of experience in the packaging industry

Each packaging is individually designed. From an almost unlimited range of design possibilities, we select the best together with you. Depending on which product you want to pack, we will find the right material and the best possible efficiency for you. This creates a single piece which we then produce for you with industrial professionalism.

ORTMANNS has state of the art plastic processing production equipment. We are very experienced in processing plastic by thermoforming. That is why we do not outsource anything that we can do better ourselves. Products from ORTMANNS – that means: Quality directly from the manufacturer and Made in Germany. Consultation, planning and production are practically door to door with us.

ORTMANNS Plastics processing

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David Römer
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