We produce all possible plastic caps for the automotive industry. But not only there, but also in many other areas, various caps make special sense. The application areas are from protection to optical improvement.

Cover caps in the automotive sector are often used for temporary cover of various automotive parts. For example, if something is welded or milled, then certain parts may need a cover to avoid contact with minute remnants of production. Thus, a protection for important parts in the motor vehicle is given.

We produce cover caps individually with the help of our thermoforming systems. Thereafter, each individual covering cap is then punched and/or milled. It’s all made of plastic to be as efficient and economical as possible. We can process the following materials depending on the application:

• PS
• PP
• PC
• etc.

In our thermoforming process, a heated plastic plate is attached to the tool and is being formed by the contour of the tool. Through a subsequent cooling process, the plastic retains the necessary stability. This technology makes use of the power of the vacuum. This process for the shaping of thermoplastics has previously been referred to as vacuum forming and thermoforming. The last step is the molding.

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