Water shields

We, the ORTMANNS Group, are very keen to create quality and personalized products. Our water protection films for door seals in the automotive sector, for example, provide ideal protection against moisture.
We provide our water-proofing foils with special glue, which is applied using our special screen-printing technique. Contact us for more information.

To keep you in the rain without your vehicle getting wet from the inside, water shields are always installed in the automobile industry. These water deflectors are found mainly in doors. Our production facilities create these water shedders from the film roll to the finished product. A special adhesive is applied by means of screen printing to the adhesive areas on the film. This is followed by a cut for the final shape, as well as an embossing for deep recesses.

We can process many different types of foils depending on the application and application.

  • PVC
  • PET
  • PS
  • PP
  • ABS
  • PC
  • etc.

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