Welcome to ORTMANNS

We are a multi-layered industrial company, which is located in the heart of the Rhineland and operates worldwide. In the course of time, Ortmanns has repeatedly reinvented itself and has steadily developed new industrial branches. The knowledge of Ortmanns is global and lives from the constant exchange with other leading companies, whereby technologies, structures and developments are continually improved and adapted in all business areas.

Ortmanns speaks the language of the industry: With its employees, services, technologies and resources, Ortmann provides optimal results for its customers. Due to our versatility, we always find the right answer for complex tasks.

Plastics Processing & Automotive

Many years of experience in plastic processing and reliable, individual production of packaging, as well as parts for the automotive industry – ORTMANNS stands for this. Our quality has proven itself again and again. Whether thermoforming, embossing, stamping, milling or welding – our production processes are able to take all your wishes into account. Packaging such as e.g. Blisters or folding packs are our strengths, but especially automotive parts such as, for example, Masking plugs or water protection films. But that is not all, we construct many parts in close cooperation with you and are only satisfied if you are. Contact us and we will discuss your idea in detail with you.

Folders and presentation media

With our versatile advertising products from the Ortmanns brand, you represent your company in a special way. High quality processed folders, ring binders, presentation binders, clamps, as well as quick staplers and visors are our strength. Our products are tailor-made and customized to your needs. Whether imprinted, embossed or welded, we offer you everything. Therefore quality Made in Germany is an absolute must for us.

Take a look inside

The production of our products is connected with some interesting work steps, which are often not realized when looking at a completed folder. With traditional precision and the latest technology, our high-quality products are created.

Take a look at our production video.

Our history

We look back on many years of company history and cultivate our tradition by continually treading new paths. Founded in 1913 by Nikolaus Ortmanns, many new branches of industry have opened up to us, which we are expanding daily and strengthening them carefully.
In the past, important milestones were created that made Ortmanns what it is today.

We meet your individual customer requirements

Individuality is very important to us. You receive various products and services according to your wishes and wishes. In a consultation, we will design the perfect solution through your ideas and our in-depth expertise, and will implement them to your personal detail through our trained specialists.