Insulating protection

Have you ever wondered why your car is so quiet from the inside? Insulation protection in the form of mats or pressed foams, ensures extremely considerable noise reductions. The material used can be completely customized and can be installed in every corner of the car body, so that any angle as small as possible and its possible noise can be absorbed.

Insulation mats for the bonnet significantly reduce the noise level emanating from the engine compartment. This high-quality insulation is flame-retardant and highly resistant. For the interior of the vehicle, insulation is used in doors, in the roof and in the floor areas, because the body, for the most part made of sheet metal, develops a high noise level without insulation.

We produce insulation mats for the automotive industry from various plastic materials. Often, these are flow or, above all, foam parts, which guarantee a high sound absorption.

• PS
• PP
• PC
• etc.

In our thermoforming process, a heated plastic plate is attached to the tool and is being formed by the contour of the tool. Through a subsequent cooling process, the plastic retains the necessary stability. This technology makes use of the power of the vacuum. This process for the shaping of thermoplastics has previously been referred to as vacuum forming, thermoforming, deep drawing or vacuum drawing. The last step is the punching out of the mold.

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