ORTMANNS Embossing technology

The embossing technique is carried out on surface and rotary machines. In order to achieve different effects, we apply, among other things, the following embossing processes:

  • positive imprint
  • negative imprint
  • surface embossing
  • decoration embossing
  • color stamping

This finishing process is suitable for plastics as well as for:

  • textiles
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • leather

We also use embossing in the automotive industry. More precisely, in water protection films, which get an extended elasticity by embossing in certain places and is often very important especially as a door seal. But this is only a part of our product repertoire. For example, other following products can be processed:

  • embossed foils
  • embossed foams
  • embossed cardboard
  • and many more.

ORTMANNS Plastics processing

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